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Theatrical Makeup

With the advancement of technologies in cinema, the area of makeup and other related fields has also undergone a huge change. Makeup artists now use techniques which can completely change the way you look. They can make you look old, severely hurt or bruised with a few brush strokes and touch-ups. This has broadened the scope for actors, both on stage and in movies. You can learn the procedures to bring about the same effects too! This article discusses a few important things you need to keep in mind while using a stage makeup kit.

Tips to prepare your skin before using stage makeup:

Applying Theatrical Makeup can affect your skin in various ways. It may make your skin dry or chafed. To avoid this, prepare your skin before using makeup on it. Use a moisturizer, an exfoliating scrub or other products which nourish and hydrate your skin. If possible, also use mixes of natural ingredients to do the same. Also, remember to complete this process at least 15 minutes before you apply makeup.Do this so that the products you have used can be absorbed by your skin to retain its moisture and glow.

Theatrical Makeup

Things to keep in mind while using stage makeup to look old

•    Making you look old and aged depends a lot on contouring the skin, so invest in the proper makeup tools for this. Ben Nye makes stage makeup kits that have the right tools and colors that will help you in the process.

•    Use primers because they help the makeup layers hold fast. This is important if you have sensitive skin, because it creates an extra barrier between your skin and the makeup that you apply.

•    Mark out your guide lines clearly. You need the guide lines to create the contours on your face. Make sure the lines are fairly parallel and pointing towards the center of your face.

•    Make your skin look like it is drooping. This helps to enhance the fact about your age to the audience. Use highlighting and blending simultaneously during makeup.

•    Remember to use makeup on other visible areas such as your neck and chest, to give them a flaccid look too.

•    Coloring or at least using white or light grey powder (or cream) on your hair is an important part in the process of looking aged.

Things to keep in mind while using stage makeup to look bruised or hurt

•    Decide which portion on your face or body; you want to place the bruise. Keep in mind the shape and size of the bruise that you want to create

•    Mark out the area of the bruise with red eye shadow if it is on your face. This gives you a good shape to work with. It also highlights the area of irritation and pain which has caused the bruise.

•    Use purple to give the bruise depth. Purple shows the area where the bruise has occured. This is the actual area you have to work upon.

•    Dull any bright spots of color carefully with black eye shadow or color. Black can also be used over the purple areas to emphasize the bruise and its intensity.

•    Remember to use a large brush to blend in the outer edges of the bruise into the skin. Face powder is the best thing you can use for this. You can also apply the powder over the entire area if you want the bruise to look old and deep-set.

•    If you want to give an idea of the bruise on your face or some other place beginning to heal, use green and yellow eye shadows for this effect.

Using a Theatrical Makeup kit correctly requires practice and patience. Also, just using makeup does not always bring about the effect you actually want to produce. A lot depends on whether you are acting your part well. These are some extra things you have to keep in mind while using a stage makeup kit to bring about your desired effects.

Use the guidelines specified above to apply stage makeup to its optimum effect. Stage makeup also works if you want to play a prank on your friends or fool them with it.

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